With IP’s focus on policy, processes and procedures we can help you successfully achieve your diversity procurement goals through your real estate spend. Here are some of the answers we can help you form through a holistic and strategic real estate strategy.

Determining your diverse procurement goals


How are you vetting M/ WBE partnerships and can ensure you have the right partners?

Do you have documented processes to ensure continuity and consistency with your existing providers, including for real estate?

What opportunities exist to improve your existing vendors and improve processes for your W/ MBE partners to be more successful?


Do you have protocols in place to measure the success of your W/MBE partnerships?

How can you build consensus internally with all necessary decision makers?


Are your DEI initiatives/ goals aligned with your real estate goals?

Do you have all key internal stakeholders included in your decision making?

How are you preparing for future changes to your DEI and diverse spend goals?


Integrative Partners selected Savills as its strategic alliance partner due to leadership’s unwavering dedication to diversity.

From the beginning of his career at CBRE through his tenure at Brookfield Properties, to his role as Savills CEO, Mitch Rudin has created diverse leadership teams, developed emerging leaders programs, sponsored and co-founded networks and affinity groups for women and African Americans, and launched ERG programs.

Mitch is a personal mentor to emerging Savills leaders and frequently speaks on leadership topics for educational institutions.

Mitch Rudin: Decades of Proven Authenticity and Pioneering

Ann Duncan Inman, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Diversity Officer at Savills North America

Mitchell E. Rudin, Chairman and CEO at Savills North America

Shawna O. Menifee, Founder and President, Integrative Partners